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Company Formation Services

Company formation services refer to the professional services provided to complete the legal, financial, and administrative procedures required during the establishment process of a business.

Accountancy Financial Advisory Service

Accounting services are professional services provided to organize, record, report, and analyze the financial transactions of businesses. These services help businesses to track their financial status and support their financial decision-making.

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Financial Consultancy Services

Financial consultancy services are a subset of services provided with the aim of recording businesses’ financial transactions, evaluating their financial status, ensuring compliance with tax regulations, and managing financial processes. Financial consultancy offers comprehensive services to businesses, including financial advisory, bookkeeping, tax planning, and preparation of tax returns.

Employment and Social Security Services

Employment and social security services encompass the services provided to regulate the relationships between employers and employees, support employment, and ensure social security. These services include tasks such as payroll management, personnel files, employment contracts, and Social Security Institution (SGK) incentive procedures for employee

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Citizenship and Residency Services

Citizenship Services refer to the services that handle the necessary procedures for individuals to obtain or change their citizenship status. These services are typically provided by government or governmental institutions and cover areas such as citizenship applications, citizenship transitions, and advisory services throughout the citizenship process.

Legal Services

Legal services refer to the services provided by a lawyer to individuals or organizations in dealing with their legal issues. Lawyers assist their clients in various aspects such as legal consultancy, representation in litigation and legal proceedings, preparation of contracts and documents, and participation in negotiations.

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